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Resilience and Wellbeing

Beneficiaries of the programme

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The programme is aimed at all staff who are in roles which are subject to increasing pressure and demands. It also supports staff who are managing or experiencing change at work.
This programme aims to support staff to increase their feelings of wellness: physically, emotionally and mentally and reduce negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours associated with excess pressure or stress.
Programme Overview:
Resilience and wellbeing are key concerns of the modern workplace.
Programmes of this nature are designed to support employees in remaining healthy despite the challenges and adversity that they may encounter both inside or outside of work.
This programme gives delegates an opportunity to reflect on occasions when they have felt resilient along with occasions where they have not; identifying strategies to enable them to maintain a healthy equilibrium.
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Course outcomes

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Develop an awareness of what resilience is
  • Identify the characteristics of a resilient person
  • Identify occasions when they have demonstrated resilience and when they have not
  • Consider the impact of thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours
  • Consider stress and its impact mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Identify a range of practical strategies, tools and techniques to improve future well-being
  • Develop an action plan.

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Feedback Received

” I liked the way you interacted with them, they were all really engaged” – client observer – Government department
I’ve really learned a lot about myself today – client – Asset Management company
“I’ve got a lot to take back that was worth it” – Manager – Insurance Company
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