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Employees arecurrently working in a climate of uncertainty and change. For some changes include changes to our roles outside of work, how we live, who we see and how we spend our non-work time. For many these changes have had an immense emotional impact particularly because many may have lost face to face communication with family and friends and activities that help them to remain emotionally grounded.
As leaders andindividuals, we have a responsibility to our co-workers to support them in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. This includes supporting people in maintainingtheir wellbeing. This may be particularly difficult when people are working remotely, and we have no idea or control over the environment that people are working in. We may also know very little of people’s home life and responsibilities which are likely to impact on what work they are able to do and when.
Having lost the face to face element ofcommunication we are having to work much harder in gauging mood and emotions in others and maintaining relationships to ensure team effectiveness.
Many people arenaturally emotionally intelligent and adapt behaviour to meet the needs of others. For others EmotionalIntelligence does not come naturally. They may find themselves in conflict with others and not know why. They may be oblivious to their own emotional state and its impact on others and oblivious to the emotional states of others. Alternatively, they may be aware of both but have no idea how to manage their emotions or the emotions of others. This may lead them to making inappropriate comments or no comment at all leading to the deterioration of their relationships with others. Lack of emotional intelligence from managers or other team members often has an impact on the motivation and performance of others. Issues that lead to low motivation lead to the underperformance of both individuals and teams.
This course is aimed at people whohave Emotional Intelligence and wish to review and enhance their EQ. This course is also aimed at those who wish to explore the concept of Emotional Intelligence and develop strategies to reduce conflict and support team members in maintaining their health, safety and wellbeing.

Programme Overview:

Course Aim:
This course is designed to enabledelegates to explore Emotional Intelligence and consider strategies to enhance one’s own Emotional Intelligence.
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Course outcomes

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Explore exactly what Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is
  • Explore an EQ model and its elements
  • Develop steps to achieve greater emotional self-awareness
  • Develop an understanding of your beliefs in particular self-limiting beliefs
  • Identify core values and consider how to utilise these
  • Undertake an EQ self-assessment
  • Create an action plan in relation to your EQ strengths & development areas

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” I liked the way you interacted with them, they were all really engaged” – client observer – Government department
I’ve really learned a lot about myself today – client – Asset Management company
“I’ve got a lot to take back that was worth it” – Manager – Insurance Company
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