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Cultural Competence in the Workplace

Beneficiaries of the programme

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The world of employment is changing. This millennium has seen a growth of people working in many ways over and above traditional employment.

There has been a rise in self-employment, the gig economy, contract work and zero hours contracts. These changes have impacted on all generations. For the first time there are four generations in the workplace.

These are Generation X and Generation Y, Baby boomers and the Millennials. In addition to this there has been an increase in diversity in the workplace. This has led to a mix of individuals with vastly different values, beliefs, attitudes, motivations, backgrounds and experience. Diversity has produced huge benefits to performance and service delivery in a range of organisations.

The degree to which both parties or groups in a diverse relationship understand what makes each other tick and what aptitudes they truly bring to work is perhaps limited. How often do we think about how our backgrounds and beliefs impact on our communication, perspectives and attitudes to others at work?  How often do we reflect on our attitudes of the cultural view of others? For anybody wondering why we need to know this?

Our skills and insight in this area will deepen engagement and understanding at work. This will result in increased productivity, trust, improved culture, and inclusiveness. For those of you who are already successful at this, congratulations you have acquired a skill. This skill is cultural competence.

Cultural competence involves using emotional intelligence to develop a high level of reflection and self-awareness. In 2014 CIPD cited cultural competence as a key skill required for organisations both globally and in the UK. Cultural competence leads to increased engagement and therefore increases productivity.

This programme is designed for leaders who wish to understand how own and others culture can enhance engagement and create a truly inclusive work environment.

Programme Overview:


This programme aims to support managers in identifying how their own beliefs, values, and culture impact on others. This programme is also aimed at leaders who wish to develop strategies to increase their people engagement, increase mutual trust and enhance performance.

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Course outcomes

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Explore cultural competence and its importance to good leadership
  • Explore how cultural competence can be used to develop trust and intimacy at work
  • Examine the relationship between cultural competence and emotional intelligence
  • Consider own beliefs, back ground and culture and how they may impact on others
  • Practice using a Cultural Competence Coaching Model © to support oneself and others to work effectively with others
  • Create an action plan to use in the workplace.

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Feedback Received

” I liked the way you interacted with them, they were all really engaged” – client observer – Government department
I’ve really learned a lot about myself today – client – Asset Management company
“I’ve got a lot to take back that was worth it” – Manager – Insurance Company
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