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Beneficiaries of the programme

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Managing Change is a function of management on every organisational level. Managers are often charged with implementing change with little guidance of what they need to do to meet their departments contribution to the overarching organisational objective. Poor planning is often cited as one rationale for the failure of change. Organisations often receive a message that they must change with little detail on the rationale for the change or clarification of the vision. This drives resistance to change because for many the change does not make sense. It may be that the lack of vision or rationale leads to a piecemeal approach to the change as opposed to a planned and structured approach.

This programme is designed to support managers in implementing change. It gives managers an opportunity to explore their role as a change agent. It provides an opportunity for delegates to explore the elements involved in change. It also provides tools to plan change and strategies to improve the implementation of change.

Programme Overview:

This programme aims to support managers in planning and implementing change. The programme explores the managers role as a change agent and provides strategies to support managers in gaining staff buy in.
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Course outcomes

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Understand the range of drivers for organisational change
  • Explore the elements required for successful change
  • Explore the managers role in the change process
  • Identify how to engage your staff in change and gain their buy in
  • Communicate change effectively
  • Apply your learning to a real-life scenario
  • Create an action plan to implement your learning in the workplace.

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Feedback Received

” I liked the way you interacted with them, they were all really engaged” – client observer – Government department
I’ve really learned a lot about myself today – client – Asset Management company
“I’ve got a lot to take back that was worth it” – Manager – Insurance Company
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